Photo credit: Georgina Richardson

Natasha Scripture is an Indian American author, humanitarian, journalist, poet, and photographer based between New York and London. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, National Geographic Traveler, The Boston Globe, The Huffington Post, The Atlantic, The Evening Standard, The Gloss, South America Explorers Magazine, The Real Deal, Washington Woman, and Inside New York, among other publications.

A New York University graduate, Natasha began her career in journalism, working at the BBC, CNN, National Geographic and Al Jazeera English, before completing her Masters degree in International Development Studies at the London School of Economics. Following her Masters, she worked at the World Bank for two years, in Washington D.C. and in Lima, Peru, before joining the United Nations in 2008.

Natasha frequently travels to the developing world where she acts as an emergency spokesperson for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), the world’s largest humanitarian agency.  She has traveled to Ethiopia, Haiti, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Lao PDR with WFP, among other countries.  She also worked for United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on the Tunisia-Libya border during the Libya crisis in 2011. Natasha has appeared on BBC Radio, CNN, ABC News, among other news outlets.

Natasha spent more than two years living in Rome, Italy, where WFP has its Headquarters, and where she learned how to speak Italian, cook a decent pasta dish, and enjoy “la bella vita.”  She also lived in Paris, France where she worked for Le Printemps de Bourges, an international music festival, and the Cannes Film Festival.  However, she feels most connected to India, where she has ancestral roots and where she has spent extensive periods conducting research for various writing projects.

Natasha has a profound interest in human rights and gender issues, and is committed to making a meaningful contribution to society through her writing and photojournalism.  She has just completed her first novel, which deals with the issue of human trafficking in India.  Additionally, her first poetry chapbook, entitled Nothing is Enough, was published by Finishing Line Press in February 2012.

*Disclaimer: This website is Natasha Scripture’s personal website and is not reflective of her employer.

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